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Learn the religion from the experts in each field, on the widest array of topics and modern issues available anywhere. Learn how to live tradition authentically in the modern world, with qualified scholars who are able to contextualize Islam around the pressing issues of our time. See some of our instructors below. 

"Powerful experience being with the top professors in every field... This setting leaves one with contextual knowledge and a holistic, encompassing perspective with which to empower our communities and greater society. "

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With so much Islamic information available on the net, many of us feel scattered in our understanding of the Faith. It is easy to become overwhelmed, misled, or to simply carry on passively enjoying inspirational content. We know that you want more, especially in a complex modern world that has challenged our ability to practice and believe in so many ways. Islamic literacy has never been more of an imperative.

BayanONLINE features the most extensive library of graduate level courses, on the widest array of modern topics and issues anywhere, from scholars you trust. We want to challenge you to think deeper about how Islam fits into your personal life, and the world. experience Islamic Studies in a revolutionary new way. 

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BayanONLINE is optimized for you YOUR lifestyle. You can fully access our entire course library on your any device, whether it's your phone, tablet, or TV. Learn anywhere, any way you like. 


"Their online extension courses are great. I'm not in a degree program, I take the courses for personal enrichment. As a mom, it's a convenient way for me to keep learning about Islam. Videos are on-demand, so I can watch them every night once my daughter goes to sleep. Love it!"

Saba Iqbal Choughtai


We wanted to recreate a full teaching environment so you can truly be immersed, even behind the screen. We made this an ACTIVE learning platform which prevents a passive engagement, so you can retain and apply what you learn.

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Reading material is provided to make sure you are prepared and have the resources necessary to understand the topics.


Engage with your fellow studets in the comments section of each lesson. Post questions, reflections or reply to someone else.


Courses have assessments that will keep you engaged and aware of your progress, and to help you retain and apply what you learn.

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the issues that impact their lives the most, at their own schedule

BayanONLINE allows you to learn at a pace that matches your lifestyle. 




BayanONLINE gives you access to a comprehensive course library that covers the widest array of issues in Islamic thought of any platform, with new videos and courses added regularly. Preview some titles below!

Currently 130 hours of content available with 4-6 new hours uploaded on a weekly basis!

This course will survey the encounter between Islam and the black community in America, from the time that blacks were inducted into the New World, through the 19th and 20th centuries and into the era and phenomenon of Hip Hop. Our inquiry will assume the multi-layered contexts of race, religion, culture, politics and history in America, as well as the relationship between America and the broader Muslim world. Among the key questions to be entertained is why Islam spread among Blackamericans to the point of constituting the only religion to do so on a communal scale after Christianity. What particular challenges and opportunities does this raise for Islam; for Christianity; for the black community; for America? We will also look at the ways in which Blackamericans have sought to appropriate Islam and the various challenges it has confronted in seeking to indigenize the religion and establish its own authority within it.

This is an introductory course on the foundations of Islamic law and legal thought. It will defined Fiqh (Islamic law), and address topics such as the relationship of Fiqh to other disciplines, Taqlid and Ijtihad, attributes of the Mujtahid, the four schools of Sunni Islam, the relevance of Fiqh for different times/circumstances, and more. 

This course will explore the major themes, historical consequences and historiographical issues surrounding the career of the Prophet Muhammad. It will explore how historians have evaluated the sources on which we rely for our knowledge of this crucial historical figure, and it will give an overview of how Muslims have mined his legacy as a basis for their creed and law. The course will focus on several controversial case studies in which the Prophet’s teachings have been debated in terms of their authenticity and interpretation, and finally it will explore how the Prophet has served as a central part of Muslims’ pietistic and devotional lives up to the present.

A course that surveys classical Islamic theology and how other branches of Islamic thought such as Islamic law and legal theory, metaphysical spirituality, psychology, and ethics complemented the scope and content of how Muslims spoke of God and the world. 

An overview of the foundations of Islamic ethics and the spiritual framework, with discussions around topics related to modern ethical issues. The course will discuss variant understandings of ethics, components of the Islamic Ethical System, ethics pertaining to gender and sexuality, childrearing and children's education, cultivating healthy spaces, and many more topics. 

This course will be an introduction to the essentials of Islamic theology and creed. Topics such as cognitive frames (e.g. "Religion", notions of Reality, Intellect, Knowledge, Truth, Reason, the Islamic paradigm of Knowing, the need for a Muslim Theology, the emergence of sects and establishment of Orthodoxy, amongst many others will be discussed to give a holistic understanding of Islamic creed and its importance.

This course places Islam within a world historical framework. The course outlines the expansion of Islam, the rise of the Umayyad; the Abbasid empire and successor states; the emergence of classical Islamic societies and developments in law, theology, and hadith; the Crusades and Mongol invasions and Muslim societies’ response; trade and exchange in the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans; the gunpowder empires; and the anti-colonial intellectual and political responses of new Muslim nation-states. The course provides a foundation for understanding contemporary Muslim societies and transnational Islam.

This is an intermediary course on the foundations of Islamic law and legal thought. The goal of this course is to understand the mechanisms of Islamic legal theory, how they were formulated, and their implications on modern Muslim issues today, from gender to criminal law. 

An in-depth discussion about the issues of state power, the media and popular culture, and how American Muslims must navigate these issues while maintaining their religious integrity.

This course will survey present American-Muslim socio-political/cultural realities, and provide insight into analyzing and speaking to the community effectively by utilizing the Prophetic model. Imam Omar will explicate on the dimensions of Islamophobia and working with a community of trauma, and discuss tools for ministry for practitioners working as: Imams, Chaplains, Religious scholars, religious counselors, religious school teachers, and more. Other topics include: Prophetic guidance, counseling, speaking, and cultivating healthy community spaces utilizing authentic religious source texts, and sīrah literature.

In this short course, Imam Omar Suleiman unpacks the core facets of successful ministry including: analyzing and assessing the current socio-political/cultural constructs of the community, Prophetic guidance, counseling, listening, speaking, activism, and cultivating healthy community spaces.

New content uploaded regularly, addressing the most pressing issues facing the Muslim community.

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Our aim is to help you transform your understanding of Islam in a profound, holistic way that helps you build confidence in your faith through certainty, transform your inner-self, and reshapes your vision of the world. For this reason, we wanted to make this as affordable as possible.





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Course Handouts

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