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Bayan is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with EIN 46-2431099. Make your tax-deductible gift below.


Contact Basmah Salam at:

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Check Donation

Please let Basmah Salam ( know you will be mailing a check so she can confirm its receipt. Make it payable to “Bayan” and send it to:

Stock Wire Transfer Donation

To make a stock donation or bank wire transfer, contact Basmah Salam at for Bayan’s account information.


Click to donate to Bayan via your Paypal account.

Fidelity Charitable: Donor-Advised Funds In your account, search for Bayan by name or EIN (46-2431099). When selecting to donate to Bayan, use the option to send the donation via EFT (instead of check). Please let Basmah Salam ( know of your donation so she can confirm its receipt.

American Muslim Fund: Building Bayan’s Endowment

Bayan is excited to partner with the American Muslim Fund, a national grassroots community foundation, for the building of Bayan’s endowment. You can contribute to Bayan’s endowment by donating on the form on this page and selecting “Endowment” or sending check, EFT, stock, etc. donations and requesting Bayan allocate it to the Endowment with American Muslim Fund. You can also contribute to Bayan’s endowment by creating your own account at

Feeling Blessed

A simple way to give from a tap in the Feeling Blessed app (or webpage) with the ability to also mark your donation for zakat. Track your history of donations on your account as well.

Amazon Smile

Did you know that with every purchase you make, Amazon can donate to Bayan? Go to and sign in. Then, search for Bayan by name or its EIN (46-2431099). Select Bayan and every time you shop on (instead of, a percentage of your sale will be donated to Bayan!"